“Each service is designed to provide quality personalized attention. Our main objective is to accompany you in your business or in the development of your career creating a lasting alliance backed by visible and effective results ”.

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Working environment

Generating a good working environment results in profitability for the company and well-being for the employee. Our service consists of:

  • Preparation of climate surveys .
  • Survey analysis and situation diagnosis: differences between expected outcomes VS. Actual results obtained .
  • Elaboration of an action plan and provision of solution tools based on the diagnosis carried out.

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Mentoring and Coaching

Our mentoring and coaching programs are tailored to the needs of each organization and person. Thanks to the expertise in the field of HR our staff knows:

  • To promote the professional development of Mentoree/Coachee.
  • Generate concrete results to solve complex situations in the professional links within the organization understanding the context and improving the performance of the work teams.

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Potential and psychotechnical evaluations

Knowing the skills that each employee has to develop a career plan or access a given position, is for the organization an indispensable tool for the management of talent.

  • Group and individual assessments
  • Psychometric, projective and playful techniques.

Compensation and benefits

We provide services in terms of compensation and benefits policies, delivering the necessary information to make the right decisions. We offer advice on:

  • Matching of internal wage scale in line with the market.
  • Portfolios of benefits for the staff according to the target.
  • tab design.
  • Adequate technology to carry out wage surveys

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Formation and Training

We have specialists in each topic to achieve a greater understanding of the specific need of the organization. We also have the most suitable and modern platforms on the market. Service Features:

  • Needs detection, design and implementation with active customer participation.
  • E-learning methodologies and workshops.
  • Group and individual mode, both indoor/outdoor.
  • Evaluation of the efficiency obtained.

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Organizational culture

We contribute our knowledge and experience so that the set of norms habits and values that make up the organizational culture of each company are an engine to achieve the institutional objectives and to manage more effectively to its members.

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Internal communication

Internal communication is one of the most relevant aspects within an organization and is closely linked to the good practices of HR. However in many organizations, it is a careless matter. In BRESSO C&M We are aware of the excellent results that generates a professional approach to the topic so we have the best specialists to accompany a more complex process than it seems.

  • Diagnosis of internal communication in the organization
  • Design and implementation of internal communication programs.
  • Measurement of results and indices of effectiveness.

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Development mappings and replacement frames

We work so that companies really know the human capital that they count on and can identify what their strengths and weaknesses are. Having a good mapping can be the differential value to adapt and overcome a moment of crisis or transition making it a valuable investment.

  • Current structure diagnostics.
  • Talent selection.
  • Team building.
  • Alternative solutions depending on the information/results obtained.

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Current Structure Diagnostics

  • New structure design: levels of complexity roles and structure of authority.
  • adaptation of structure design in growth processes acquisition merger or reduction of personnel.

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Talent Selection

At BRESSO C&M We firmly believe that talent selection is a vital process for the organization in search of its most important asset: its people. Our proposal is based on reliable techniques and tools that allow a win-win for both the employer and the employee.

  • Competency methodology.
  • Advising the contracting company according to market indicators.
  • Traditional recruitment and 2.0.
  • Head hunting y executive search.

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Team building

High performance work teams are always a joint construction. We have an integral look at the teams, generating individual and group actions that balance them and orient them to produce the expected results. To do this:

  • We collaborate in the definition of common objectives to achieve.
  • We advise on the resolution of interpersonal problems.
  • We execute plans that build integrated and motivated teams.

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Corporate Social Responsibility.

We design comprehensive RS strategies achieving a balance between profitability and sustainability for the company and a real contribution to the communities. We Provide:

  • Collaboration in joint management between the public and private sector .
  • We contribute to the construction of a business reputation and positive image of the brand by means of the RS plans.
  • Social and sustainability reports .

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Generational compatibility management

Generation Millennials and Centennials . Each generation of work is diverse, so one of the main challenges for organizations is to think strategically how best to integrate generational diversity.

  • We provide specific workshops to generate synergy in intergenerational work teams.
  • We work with young people and their leaders to strengthen bonds of intense labor commitment .

Advice for SMEs

Generally, SMEs outsource all of their HR processes for the cost of having specialists in the area within their permanent staff. In BRESSO C&M through a monthly fixed payment we provide a special service that allows them to access all the services offered by the consultancy. In this way, they will be able to enjoy integral solutions of HR having a partner that works together with them in a strategic area for the success of their business .